Listing FAQ's

What makes DIY Events different to other party/ wedding directories?

Most event directory websites are wedding focussed, solely designed for kids parties or targeted to larger events. DIY Events is for small and medium sized parties of all types and an opportunity for you to support local where you can. 

What are the benefits for my business listing on your site?

Not only is it another opportunity to get in front of potentially a new and different customers but it will help with your businesses overall SEO and Google ranking.

There is also the opportunity for customers to get in touch with you directly via the contact form on your listing.

What is your vision for DIY Events?

My main goal for DIY Events is to become the biggest Party/ Event directory in NZ, I want DIY Events to be a verb, when someone is having a conversation with their friend about planning a party or event, I want the first thing they bring up in the conversation is asking if they have checked DIY Events. I would be more than happy to discuss where I see DIY Events going and my future plans over Coffee or a Zoom, you can get in touch with me via

Listings are currently free will you start a pay model/ memberships? And if so, when?

At some point I may add a pay model but I ensure that all businesses that currently have a listing will get a minimum of 6 months notice and there will always be a free option available. I can’t guarantee at this point what it will look like but I am happy to discuss this further over coffee or Zoom. You can get in touch via

Any more questions!?

If you have any further questions fill out the form below!